1 Million USA Viewers/Visitors Reached For 2020!: Donna Says: “God Bless You All!”

So A special thank you from the bottom of my heart for my admins, and all these lovely loyal supporters we’ve managed to gather over the years. Your support keeps mom AKA Miss Donna J Hockman fighting with diligence and most importantly the HOPE of a fair trial for her and the other “Victims Of Marsha Garst’s Corruption”.

Each click and share is greatly appreciated but most importantly i thank all mom’s loyal jpay contacts,friends,supporter, etc. After almost 13 years inside, you keep that lonely depressed mindstate out of mom’s head. Let her know so many she has never even met care and let her know your here for her.  I tell yall, i can hear the enthusiasm in her voice now. I can sense the hope back in her heart. And i can hear her positive,confident,dedicated, driven attitude; mindstate, and personality. It’s so great to hear it again you all have no idea.

And if she can do that in there, i can think like that out here free. And life is so much better thinking like this. in so many aspects. Even in prison mom is able to teach me things still lol. and here i thought i knew it all. “omnicient” i believe is the term.


1.Will not give details publically but will say we have gotten farther this year then the past 11.5 years put together. Hard work is finally being rewarded. All my admins and you all as well. And Donna Hockman want you to know….as i try to decypher this crappy cursive of hers:

  1. God Bless all those by my side since day one and even now, you’ve no idea. It means the world to me and drives me to persevere through every single struggle and setback as i fight for my day in court.
  2. God bless my family members still with me in this struggle, your love and loyalty is unmeasurable. the time and money youve spent on me over the years. It will not be forgotten as i finish up my book deal.
  3. Thank GOD, as he continues to test me in every way & show me my destiny, As he gets me prepared for it. My purpose is becoming more visible with each day. “I Will Not Stop My Fight”


-Donna J Hockman


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