1 Million USA Viewers/Visitors Reached For 2020!: Donna Says: “God Bless You All!”

So A special thank you from the bottom of my heart for my admins, and all these lovely loyal supporters we’ve managed to gather over the years. Your support keeps mom AKA Miss Donna J Hockman fighting with diligence and most importantly the HOPE of a fair trial for her and the other “Victims Of Marsha Garst’s Corruption”. Each click and share is greatly appreciated but most importantly i thank all mom’s loyal jpay contacts,friends,supporter, etc. After almost 13 years inside, you keep that lonely depressed mindstate out of mom’s head. Let her know so many she has never even met care and let her know your here for her.  I tell yall, i can hear the enthusiasm in her voice now. I can sense the hope back in her heart. And i can hear her positive,confident,dedicated, driven attitude; mindstate, and personality. It’s so great to hear it again you all have no idea. And if she can do that in there, i can think like that out here free. And life is so much better thinking like this. in so many aspects. Even in prison mom is able to teach me things still lol. and here i thought i knew it all. “omnicient” i believe is the term. Updates: 1.Will not give details publically but will say we have gotten farther this year then the past 11.5 years put together. Hard work is finally being rewarded. All my admins and you all as well. And Donna Hockman want you to know….as i try to decypher this crappy cursive of hers: God Bless all those by my side since day one and even now, you’ve no idea. It means the world to me and drives me to persevere through every single struggle and setback as i fight for my day…
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My personal story makes me eligible to know the legitimacy of Donna’s position against corruption

Donna’s story and my story are horrifyingly similar, making Donna’s nightmare all that more real for me.  My late wife was married to two wife beaters before me, and the corruption of the government allowed the physical and emotional abuse to continue unabated.  The government, whether it is local or federal in Donna’s case, shows its ugly corruption with Donna and her children, and places the priority in the wrong place.  Donna should have never had to spend one day incarcerated, and I will leave no stoned unturned to fight for Donna until she is released.  I spent 9 years on active duty in the Air Force from 1968-77 and I witnessed federal corruption every day.  It is at all levels, and Donna was their pawn so they could get drug arrests, and ignore domestic violence.  But Donna was and is brave and filled with self preservation and she is a fighter.  And I will stand by her every moment until she gets her freedom. Email

Wrongful Conviction & Corruption: Life in Prison (Donna Hockman Story)

Virtually all of us have the capacity to act and immorally if not illegally at one point or another in our lives. We’d like to believe that if we ever get caught or feel compelled to confess, we’ll be judged not simply by what we’ve done but by why we did it and who we are. We want our acts to be judged in the context of our motivation and personal history, and a concept of a character that compromises more than our worst offenses. People do commit bad acts for good reasons, which means that guilt and especially sentence ought to be determined by considering the actor as well as the act. (Courtesy of George Lardner, Jr. father/author of “The Stalking of Kristen”)  Ending a man’s life isn’t easy to live with.  Remorse and guilt eat away at your soul while you’re awake and in your sleep.  I ask God for forgiveness each day.  My case is not as “open and shut” as the prosecuting attorney would like you to believe.  This is about a mom who feared for her life and the life of others, and ultimately took the life of the man who pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her son in her own home. I am not a murderer!  I don’t feel I should lose my life in a 10’x6’ cell because I saved the life of my son and my own. Being wrongfully convicted I feel the system is saying, “Ms. Hockman, you should have let Dustin Stanley kill you, then you and your son would not be apart, we could have punished him accordingly.”  The law says I have a right to protect myself and family members if I feel I am in a position to be maimed or killed.  I…
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Corrupt Conviction for sure!

I have followed wrongfull & corrupt convictions for some years now & I do not hesitate in saying this is without doubt a case that disturbs me why reading all I have read I can taste the corruption. Donna I’m in the united kingdom I seriously feel your pain, you did all you had to by the letter of the law,restraining order,trespass order yet this man still had his freedom why? Well Donna this I can say is fact this wasn’t just state police you can bet the feds were pulling the chains on this all info this scum bag was passing surely went straight to the feds state police need clearance on that kind of thing. I’m certain this punk will have worked for them & when you most rightfully did this to protect you & your family from this annual this took away a piece of there army I would do as you Did Donna without a second thought I see a wonderful Lady,& mum beautiful with a wonderful family, I pray this nightmare ends & the truth comes out I believe in the saying my late mom told me that THODE WHO LAUGH FIRST,NEVER LAUGH LOUDEST. used this with Love & my heart .Chris Email

Marsha Garst Complaint and corruption

Corrupt is right not sure that it really covers everything though to nice of a word for her. Negligent abuse of power. Whatever she has to do to get a conviction and that’s it, no matter what, illegal search and seizure, tampering with evidence, tampering with witness’s, cohering witness’s, hiding evidence, manufacturing evidence, lying under oath, nothing for her and her goon squad to run out and with a military style raid break in a innocent person’s home in the middle of the night guns drawn with no search warrant and no more reason than some poor scared kids word to go on. They are preying on children to get there arrests, and no family around is safe either don’t think it can’t happen to you if given enough time it will most definitely happen to someone you love. Her and her goon squad should not only be removed from office but should be criminally charged with things that they do on a daily basis, you and I would. What would she call it “getting more criminals off the street”. But then again you and I can’t cover for a murderer let him move away get away Scott free but then in cases which are clearly self defense lie cheat and steal until we get a conviction, we can’t rig a electric and get away with it either. Not saying she would eat her own young but she has no problem devouring yours. I’m from there born and raised since I’ve lived all over the country never had a minutes problem anywhere except there I won’t even come back to visit family who I love and miss very much but I’m not risking my life to visit and in my opinion that’s terrorism! Email

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