Corrupt Conviction for sure!

I have followed wrongfull & corrupt convictions for some years now & I do not hesitate in saying this is without doubt a case that disturbs me why reading all I have read I can taste the corruption.
Donna I’m in the united kingdom I seriously feel your pain, you did all you had to by the letter of the law,restraining order,trespass order yet this man still had his freedom why? Well Donna this I can say is fact this wasn’t just state police you can bet the feds were pulling the chains on this all info this scum bag was passing surely went straight to the feds state police need clearance on that kind of thing. I’m certain this punk will have worked for them & when you most rightfully did this to protect you & your family from this annual this took away a piece of there army I would do as you Did Donna without a second thought I see a wonderful Lady,& mum beautiful with a wonderful family, I pray this nightmare ends & the truth comes out I believe in the saying my late mom told me that THODE WHO LAUGH FIRST,NEVER LAUGH LOUDEST. used this with Love & my heart .Chris



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