Wrongful Conviction & Corruption: Life in Prison (Donna Hockman Story)

Virtually all of us have the capacity to act and immorally if not illegally at one point or another in our lives. We’d like to believe that if we ever get caught or feel compelled to confess, we’ll be judged not simply by what we’ve done but by why we did it and who we are. We want our acts to be judged in the context of our motivation and personal history, and a concept of a character that compromises more than our worst offenses. People do commit bad acts for good reasons, which means that guilt and especially sentence ought to be determined by considering the actor as well as the act. (Courtesy of George Lardner, Jr. father/author of “The Stalking of Kristen”) 

Ending a man’s life isn’t easy to live with.  Remorse and guilt eat away at your soul while you’re awake and in your sleep.  I ask God for forgiveness each day.  My case is not as “open and shut” as the prosecuting attorney would like you to believe.  This is about a mom who feared for her life and the life of others, and ultimately took the life of the man who pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her son in her own home. I am not a murderer!  I don’t feel I should lose my life in a 10’x6’ cell because I saved the life of my son and my own.

Being wrongfully convicted I feel the system is saying, “Ms. Hockman, you should have let Dustin Stanley kill you, then you and your son would not be apart, we could have punished him accordingly.”  The law says I have a right to protect myself and family members if I feel I am in a position to be maimed or killed.  I have a right to stand my ground and fight back, yet here I sit unlawfully detained fighting for my freedom just like I did with Dustin Stanley.  Please review all of the evidence, my thoughts, and feelings that should have played a part at my trial, so the 12 people who were chosen to decide my fate could have made an informed decision as to guilt or innocence and degree of punishment.  I ask that you step into the jury box and become the 13th juror and open your mind to the real plausibility that I do not deserve to die in prison.  This story could be about your mother, friend, sister, or even your daughter, but for now, this story is about Donna Hockman. “Injustice for one is injustice for all”

God bless, Donna


The U.S. Constitution mandates that even those incarcerated have 1st amendment protection from government interference with freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  To be denied the right to tell the public about the corruption within the office of an elected public official is a curtailment of the 1st amendment and will be considered a violation of the laws that empower each of us and acted upon accordingly.


Dustin Stanley’s Confidential Informant Agreement 02-07-08

Document Freeing Stanley from Jail to become a C.I. 12-17-08

Dustin attempted to kill Donna twice by strangulation. Once with his hands and once with a telephone cord. After receiving no help from police due to Dustin’s confidential informant status, Donna decided to save her own life and the life of her son by killing Dustin. The Evidence Of Abuse was never seen or heard by the jury due to corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Marsha Garst & Donna’s Corrupt Public Defender and now Judge Bruce Albertson. Soon after Donna’s case Bruce Albertson became judge of the Rockingham County Circuit Court. During Donna’s Trial Bruce Albertson

Dustin Stanley had a long list of misdemeanor and felony warrants & arrests for Assault and battery and abuse on past girlfriends including both of his children’s mothers as well as family members. This evidence was also withheld from the jury by Marsha Garst Commonwealth Attorney Rockingham County.


Donna found his confidential paid informant documents and after that, he wanted her dead so he himself wouldn’t be killed if she told someone his secret. This was pure self-preservation killing by Donna to save her own life and the life of her “then” 18-year-old son. Donna was given a corrupt public attorney who gave her zero chance of winning. And a while after the trial his motive came to light. He was promoted to a chief Circuit Court judge in the same courtroom, but this was also due to the local Harrisonburg, Va commonwealth attorneys help. On her website is the full story and all the evidence her jury never got to learn about. Dustin’s long history of violence towards women was suppressed by the prosecution. They also had the local news reporter working for them to portray Donna as a jealous, obsessed girlfriend filled with rage. The corruption that was allowed before his death needed to be kept quiet during the trial so none of the police force, judges, and investigators would be exposed to allowing such a man to do all the violent and illegal acts he committed.  They succeeded in 2009 with a 1st-degree murder charge against Donna. A woman with not one single criminal charge….ever  A single mother who never did any drugs or broke the law. A smart devoted single mother of two children who dropped out of school at 15 to raise her son. She earned her GED and started a sales career from the bottom, and by the age of 35 years old was making almost $80,000 per year working in credit card processing. Selling CC machines and getting businesses in the northern Virginia area to switch to her processing company using their machines. She built up a resume starting with two fast-food jobs in the local town of Woodstock, VA making minimum wage living paycheck to paycheck. And became a successful saleswoman with a great resume. Eventually, she applied for a Credit Card company, where she and her team of employees dominated the northern VA area.  She met Dustin in a bar and started a slow relationship even with a ten year age difference. Dustin Stanley was a professional liar and conman. She had no idea of his criminal history or the fact he was selling guns and hard drugs.  And he was able to continue his criminal life because he had been caught and turned to a paid confidential informant for the ATF in exchange for staying out of prison for ten years. He Used all drugs he could find, sold drugs, then setup big-name drug and firearm salesmen. He was never caught while informing until his agreement to (SNITCH) was released at (DONNA’S TRIAL)  

Dustin had four young children with two different women. And was convicted before meeting Donna of violently beating both his children’s mothers. Dustin owed child support on all four of his kids, thousands of dollars. And barely saw his kids. When he did he was never sober.During Donna’s trial, the prosecution portrayed him as a dedicated father of four who loved his kids. His record was never seen by the jury due to improper corrupt public defense and the corrupt Commonwealth prosecutor Marsha Garst.Marsha used false testimony from inmates in the jail with Donna at the time. Some violent, some drug users, drug sellers, and more. These women all testified that they were not being given a deal for their testimony, but each one was released with charges dropped or simple probation shortly after Donna was convicted. All inmates testified almost the exact statements, “Donna told me that she planned to kill Dustin Stanley for cheating on her and stealing from her”. They let the smaller fish go free to get the largest conviction a prosecutor could ask for. “1st DEGREE MURDER”  For those that don’t already know most courts in America use this tactic. But the unconstitutional extent of this prosecutor’s tactics knew no bounds.  Marsha Garst also had Dustin’s family members lie under oath that donna told them this or that. Marsha also had evidence fabricated, and Donnas evidence for the true story destroyed, and somehow ” went missing”.  Donna had her close friends and coworkers, as well as her family, testify to her character and her sane competent non- violent nature and way of life for 35 years.It didn’t do enough to prove her innocence at sentencing. Life without parole!  As donna learned and studied the Virginia law in prison and filed all her own appeals by herself all the way to the US SUPREME COURT, Marsha Garst kept tabs on her progression and used even the local courthouse as well as the  Judge himself to ensure each appeal was filed past the legal deadline, or completely denied under false grounds. Donna has still not given up and neither has her supporters. She refuses to die in a cell for protecting her own life and the life of her firstborn and only son that day of Dustin’s murder. Her son later learned web design and coding as well as graphic design…on his own, because it was the only way he thought it could get the truth heard and see his mother get a fair trial. Even though he too knew it would take years to run a successful website and post all the boxes of evidence lying around the house from the case to an online website for the public to see.  As of 2020, the site is looking good and most of all the evidence is available for anyone to view on what’s become quite a well-designed website over the years. Evidence still is being added as this same prosecutor continues her way of gaining convictions and Donna gets ahold of what she can to add to the already evidence mountain on her site. It is quite a lot to view if anyone wants to take the time to see everything on there but it’s hard to believe that after twelve years, and the site is online for ten years that nobody has gone after these corrupt politicians. Gone after JUSTICE. But Donna’s site most definitely proves how corrupt America is and more importantly small towns and counties can continue to get away with such violations of the US CONSTITUTION, and how corrupt and unjust Americas Judicial System can be these days as the people seek more and more power and money 
Neither Donna or her family and supporters have had the money these past twelve years for a post-conviction attorney to get this poor woman a new trial. Or Launch an online advertising campaign to get someone to take notice of all we have stated above plus so much more. The sad truth is most of the wrongfully convicted victims of our justice system do have enough evidence, but without money this day in age the wrongfully convicted have such a small percent of getting the real truth heard in a noncorrupt courtroom. It’s just the facts of our nation. And the fact America holds 10% of the world’s population but has the highest number of people incarcerated.Donna Hockman’s site has also become a local hub for exposing the sad conditions she and her fellow inmates live in day by day. From rotted food to improper medical to rape and officer abuse physically and mentally. To improper medical treatment and even death. Saving lives costs money and jails prefer spending that money on useless objectives.
As far as Donna she has not let prison change her at all. She is still a gentle loving soul who has not been in a single fight or even gotten one jailhouse charge in her twelve-year incarceration. This is almost unheard of.

Donna spends her time learning more about the legal system in the prisons Law Library, writing her book that hasn’t been titled or finished yet but is slowly being typed and drafted by a dear supporter and friend. Her job at Fluvanna Correctional Center For Women, Troy VA consists of going to “prison court” and fighting for her fellow inmates who receive charges and infractions. Donna is known as the  “INMATE ADVISOR”, which as far as we know is the highest paying job at Fluvanna earning her about $48 per month. Aside from that she enjoys calling her children and e-mailing her supporters through www.Jpay com, and the use of her JP4 PLAYER. Donna’s son still says she calls multiple times a week to check on him. And says regardless how much money donna has she purchases and mails a card for every birthday, holiday, Valentine day, and general cards just to let them know she’s thinking about them and loves them dearly.

Testimonial from on of Donna’s supporters:

When speaking to Donna by phone or email she says she’s so grateful and proud of her son for always answering the phone to talk, or for sending her pictures and poems. And most importantly Donna says seeing her children again as a free woman keeps her inspired and fighting even after 12 Years inside. She recently told me that her son’s favorite quote to her is ” you never gave up raising me even when things got hard, and ill never give up on you mom.” She said he often thanks her for saving his life that day in 2008 because Dustin Stanley told her as he tried to choke the life out of Donna that she will never forget Dustin saying the words “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, DONNA, THEN IM GOING TO KILL YOUR SON IN HIS SLEEP” I think the bond between a single mother and her son is un-measurable. Donna when asked how she and her sons bond is, she replied ” He’s made many mistakes but the fact that he self-taught himself how to do web design, graphic design and whatever else he’s learned to get my case online and organized so professionally, after all, I’ve asked of him…He has kept his word and never given up on his mother after 12 Years” She followed by telling me ” I couldn’t be prouder of the man I raised. I watched him graduate high school with A’s, and B’s. An advanced diploma. And I could not be more proud of who he has become today”…Donna Also said her son is truly what keeps her positive and hopeful and that her son ” Still cares about what I ask him to do and not do, and he cares about my opinion even though I have no power to make him do anything really” ” but he listens” she said. ” My son keeps that fire burning in me, the feeling of hope”.
I Think Donna Hockman’s book, whenever she sends it to the publisher (who has agreed to publish based on the first 200 pages), will be a best seller. She’s wise beyond her years in my personal opinion and she prays to GOD every day!  I’ve asked her in the past what she prays for and I quote, ” I pray that my son and daughter stay safe and healthy, I pray and ask forgiveness for killing Dustin, I pray for strength mentally, and I pray that someday I get a FAIR TRIAL…MY DAY IN A NON-CORRUPT COURT OF LAW”   
I never told Donna, but I know if it were me I would pray for my freedom. My life back. But I believe Donna wants to be free in a courtroom that follows the constitution. I don’t think she just wants out of prison-like everybody else. “I mean I’m sure she wants and thinks it” But from what I’ve learned and seen inside this women’s heart and soul, She simply wants a FAIR TRIAL!, and she wants justice for the Corrupt Judge, Corrupt Public Appointed Defense Attorney(who became a circuit court judge shortly after trial) A Corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Whos Motive Is To Gain More Power & Win Election After Election. She Wants JUSTICE For Those who lied under oath, and everyone whos already taken part in stealing 12 years of her life to either gain more power, more money, promotions, used her as a get out of jail free card just to continue their life of sin and deceit, those that manipulated local media to publish lies, not facts…and Ruin her good name and reputation. And Caused Her Kids To Be Homeless for quite some time.
I’ll tell you if they released her today and you were to meet her, you wouldn’t get any red flag or indication that she had just spent 12 Years in a maximum-security prison. In fact, after many years of good behavior, she was moved to what’s known as the “Honor Wing”. This is a single building on the compound reserved for inmates like her who act like normal human beings and do not cause trouble. Actually Donna says every six months they bring in shelter dogs and the inmates who wish to participate live in their cell with the dog, train, walk and feed their dogs. After so many months the dogs are given to those wanting a dog in their home. Donna always participates because raising dogs was a passion of hers before and up to the day of her arrest. In fact, on Donna’s website, she has a picture gallery containing pictures of her dogs, her kids, her close friends that now no longer speak to her as well as pictures of her kids growing up. 

Also on her website, she has a YouTube video where she explains her story among other things. Her voice was recorded over a prison GlobalTel phone call and one of her supporters made it into a nice video. His name is Jim Plauger, one of Donna’s quite many loyal supporters for many years now & he asked if he could write something.  Below is his testimonial:
“Hearing her real voice gives you some insight into her personality and intelligence. From our few face-to-face visits over the years, I’ve grown to become good friends with her. Respect and understand her life before and now. And I genuinely support her decision to kill a man who was going to kill her and her son. Now taking a life is not easy for most and she has much guilt and depression for that. As well as terrible insomnia. But she’s a trooper and I can see the fight in her. I myself would have given up before I reached a supreme court appeal. But you can tell after a few conversations she longs to be with her loved ones again. But you can see just a hint of anger as she discusses her case with you. I would be full of hate and rage but somehow shes able to keep calm and focused, and her smile is delightful to see. Still sarcastic, funny, caring, and full of passion. All the other inmates talk with lots of slang terms, many have multiple tattoos and look like they fit in perfectly, but not Donna. I’ve done a bit of time here and there and the guards almost never talk with respect to an inmate. I see her communicate with most of the guards and I can tell even they respect her. Now you will always have those angry correctional officers who show no respect and are mean as hell. For those that don’t know all you need to work at any state of Virginia jail or prison is a GED and no felonies on your record. There are always officers you can just tell live a miserable life and abuse the power they have over these inmates. Actually enjoy talking to them like their trash, and are so disrespectful. I’m a guy and I always had a smart remark to say back to these lifeless losers. But Donna, somehow she tunes these folks out and kills them with kindness, she’s no coward but it takes a hell of a lot of mental and anger control to speak to them how she does. I really hope some show or documentary gets to see how gentle her soul is and show millions, they would see what I see plain as day. The women just could never be a ” murderer”. She says there are many lesbians inside and she’s been hit on and flirted with all the time, but even twelve years later she’s still a normal woman who likes men, enjoys good conversations, and laughing. I’m sad when the visit is over honestly. I have a wife by the way, but I always say my goodbyes and wish we could chat for hours. Knowing she has to go back to a large building with nicer less violent and drama free women is nice to know, but she hates when the visits are over. They now have to strip ass naked, bend over and have their lady parts searched for drugs because some addicts overdosed on fentanyl and died last year. She says it’s so degrading. Anyway, before we met I visited her website, her story hit home as I began to learn more and see page after page of sadness, and sorrow for the situation she’s in. I made a few comments on some posts and her son Kristoffer emailed me back. After that, I downloaded the Jpay app and became an email penpal of hers. We hit it off and I went to visit one weekend with her son. She just is the epitome of the phrase wonderful mother. Just their bond and how they talk to one another you can feel the love. I pretty much let them talk the whole time as we alk shared some soda and vending machine food together. You can tell she doesn’t mind serving time knowing she saved her son’s life. And now he’s got me on here posting my thoughts. I’m enjoying it actually. I know whatever money gets donated he’s going to do a great job. That’s all I feel like sharing but please if you’ve read this far checkout Donna’s website. And please for the love of god share a post or two if you can see what I saw the first time. It truly is sad, a single mother raises two wonderful children on her own, finally gets to the point where she can afford a wonderful home, a BMW, get the kids everything they want for Christmas every year instead of penny-pinching every single check and living in the shitty neighborhoods. Then she meets a handsome guy with a nice smile and they hit it off. He convinces her he’s in love then turns out to be one of the lowest forms of shit to walk the earth. Donna truly was gorgeous 12 years ago, she deserved a good man and a happy life. Now, look at her…..its unbelievable what life can throw at people, and make them do. I’m a church-going every Sunday married Christian who even prays every meal, but I cant honestly say I wouldn’t have shot Dustin too that day to save myself, or even just to save one of my daughters. Women beaters need to be put in the hospital and taught a lesson if you ask me. I saw all Donnas evidence on her site, then saw all the mugshots of Dustin Stanley. All I could think is what a complete coward he must have been. Or maybe all those drugs made him violent who knows. A guy his size has no right to beat up on any woman. And to beat your child mothers?? Both of them, in front of your kids on top of it. I know it’s not Christian like to speak ill of the dead but even if I saw a man do something like that id want to hit the guy. And I’m really short and skinny id lose for sure but I couldn’t hit a defenseless woman, let alone watch it happen and do nothing. Maybe it’s just me who knows. Seriously people visit the site and make your own opinions, people like OJ get out of prison and I see Donna serving life. Life really isn’t fair sometimes. If anyone wishes to speak with me my email is: jmbVA@gmail.com (it’s my wife’s email but we share it) and Donna’s contact information is easily found on her site or Facebook. If you find yourself becoming a supporter and you have no money, at least share a post, or comment, or something. We just need the one right person to see this or Donnas website and you could change this women’s life for the better. She has suffered enough.”

My name is Kris, and Donna is my mother:
My Mother has had 12 years of her life stolen as punishment for doing what any abused women and mother would do in her very specific and unheard of situation, after surviving attempted murder twice and knowing this man said he would kill her & her son in his sleep, & “GUT YOUR DOGS” She chose to Protect her own life and the lives of her children & beloved pets. I was there that morning and i of all people knew if my mom was being not 100 percent honest with me.

I myself was even threatened and coerced to lie against my mother to evade what Marsha Garst said would be “life in prison for accessory to murder” i was 18 and not wanting to face life in prison for my involvement after Dustin Stanley had passed away. I have since come forward, some years back and Marsha Garst has used her influence to insure i never received a break or good plea for any of my criminal charges which began after mom’s conviction. 

She told my lawyer and i quote but cant prove he said it, told me & I’ll never forget it:

“Marsha Garst called your prosecutor and told her “you don’t deserve this plea, you had your “Break” already” on my first ever felony at 19yo for a breaking and entering and stole less then $50 in cash and change. I broke in for a warm place to sleep during a cold winter night as my friend had accused me of stealing his marijuana and locked me out. he later appologized and said his sister had stolen it. After breaking in i decided to make the wrong decision to look for money. Nobody was home at this time.



Evidence Of Physical Abuse 

headbloodthumb.fw    arm bruises

The pictures above were extracted from Donna Hockman’s mobile phone and taken immediately after suffering physical abuse. Notice in the photo on the left bruising around her left eye as well as the incredible amount of blood in her hair and on her head as a result of tremendous physical abuse. The photo on the right shows massive amounts of bruising on Donna’s arms. (click to enlarge)

Voicemails left by Dustin Stanley on Donna Hockmans’ cell phone

At the time of Donna’s arrest, she stated to her defense attorney that over 30 voicemails left by Dustin Stanley could be retrieved from her cell phone. Donna thought the police would retrieve them to show the harassing/stalking nature of Stanley in the days leading up to the shooting. Weeks had passed and no word on the retrieval of calls, so Donna informed her attorney that he needed to retrieve them before they were lost for good. At the time he was only able to retrieve these two.
You can hear how upset Stanley became when he couldn’t reach Donna or she wouldn’t call him back.
Don’t you believe that a jury had a right to hear these voicemails?

The voicemails below illustrate Dustin Stanley’s state of mind just before the incident. Please listen:

This call was made to Donna Hockman’s voice mail on July 23, 2008, at 10:23 pm

This call was made to Donna Hockman’s voice mail on July 23, 2008, at 10:27 pm

Incident Base Report – April 23, 2008

Explanation: A 911 call was placed on April 23, 2008, by Stanley who became locked out of Hockman’s home after he attacked her and went outside for a cigarette.

Theory/Fact of Document: Hockman and her family have been trying to obtain this report since 2009 after her conviction, but were repeatedly denied by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department on the direction of Marsha Garst.
Hockman had told Bruce Albertson (her public defender) there were 3 calls for service at her home, but he stated Garst had only provided 2 calls.
Why would Marsha Garst withhold this information from Hockman’s attorney? Hockman believes she didn’t want the jury to read the urgency in the text from dispatch where an officer was trying to be located or the text that says, “Deputy would respond to check the welfare of the victim, but they would not assist him (Stanley) getting inside the residence.” This is a clear indication Hockman had been attacked and Stanley wanted back in to prevent Hockman from calling for help. The jury had a right to see this evidence.

See the documents in question below:
The Incident Base Report – April 23, 2008

Petition for Appeal – August 5, 2009
This appeal lays out the evidence presented in Hockman’s trial by her court-appointed attorney, Bruce Albertson.
Petition for Appeal – August 5, 2009

Motion to Vacate and/or Modify – August 6, 2015
This motion was filed by Hockman requesting that a court date is ordered so she can present her allegations of misconduct against Marsha Garst.
Motion to Vacate and or Modify – August 6, 2015


For those of you that have read this far, we have an overwhelming mountain of evidence spread out on most every page on this website that’s not shared on this story alone, otherwise Donna’s Story would be page after page. Anyone interested in speaking to Donna Directly just view her “Contact Me” page for details.

If you wish to comment on any page or post reguarding your views or opinions, we do not delete or fabricate any “Truthful” content submitted by our viewers & supporters. Donna believes in our constitutional right to freedom of speech & wishes to appologize now to any viewers who are offended by any content shared on this website.

We have evidence to back up every claim throughout the entire site.

Donna’s Story In Her Own Words:

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