I Can verify all these posts

i would like to verify what was just posted above. no person prison or not should have to deal with these conditions. as far as food if you cant get money from your family its very hard for them to live on the food given to them on a daily basis. this place is run terribly. they never call you have when you make a complaint. the never call back when your windering where your mails is you sent when you know it should have been received. this whole place seems to be a a joke. nobody seems to care enought to do something. i really hope more people post here and we can get these conditions fixed because its absurd how this institution is run, inmate or not you should be able to get access to your mail in a timly manner, and be fed like a normal human being, i will be posting letters soon as soon as i fix my scanner. and who ever is running this site i commend you on the work yourve put into not only helping donna but the other inmates being treated the same way. keep up the good work, i have faith something will change eventually when these topics and website are sent to the people who can make these changes. thanks again -megan ( they cant ignore us forever!!!)



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