Marsha Garst Complaints/Exhibits

This page illustrates multiple examples of public complaints and lawsuits filed against Marsha Garst.

State Bar complaint filed by Donna Hockman against Marsha Garst

Marsha Garst complaint   marsha garst complaint

This section illustrates alleged misconduct by Marsha Garst using public documents.

Read carefully below:

Hockman v. Wendy Hobbs & Marsha Garst

Randy Dean Complaint against Marsha Garst

Illegal Search by Marsha Garst at JMU Student Newspaper

More on the illegal raid and seizure of photographs from the JMU newspaper, “The Breeze”

Response by Marsha Garst regarding the articles above: 

It has been posted previously that Virginia state officials stormed the newsroom of James Madison University’s student newspaper, The Daily Breeze, and seized photos relating to a party-turned-melee. After much outrage and legal action, the state has agreed to pay the school’s legal fees, totaling $10,000. The Commonwealth’s attorney, Marsha Garst, admitted she was wrong in her approach but continues to do anything to obtain convictions which is highly illegal

Garst was ordered to pay $10,000 in damages to the JMU Breeze newspaper as a result of the illegal search and seizure

Forum of complaints against Marsha Garst

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Prosecutor Marsha Garst conflict of interest case leads to dismissal of felony

 Exhibit 121 – February 17, 2009 (One month after Hockman’s trial and conviction)

Explanation: Investigator Spitter questions inmate Smith if she lied on the stand.  Of course she lies yet again as she had already been released after testifying against Hockman.  Telling the truth would have locked her back up and opened the door to Hockman receiving a new trial. (Investigators are trained to detect lying, but Spitter would be held accountable as well if she told the truth so he chose to turn his back on what he knew was the truth.)

Note: Had she taken a polygraph it would have shown she was deceiving Spitter.

Exhibit 121 February 17, 2009

Exhibit 174 – August 4, 2011 and August 23, 2011

Explanation: Hockman writes a second request to Marsha Garst asking for documents not received by her before trial.  Marsha Garst responds that these items were previously provided to Defense Attorney Bruce Albertson and that because Hockman is incarcerated she is not under obligation to provide them again.

Theory/Fact of Document: Marsha Garst never provided these crucial documents to Hockman’s defense.  If she had previously provided them to Albertson then why deny Hockman the same documents.  Marsha Garst is covering up the fact that she never provided them previously as it would prove she violated the law and it would grant Hockman a new trial.

Exhibit 174 – August 4, 2011, and August 23, 2011

911 Important Message July 29, 2008 

Explanation: Rebecca Cheryl (Sherrill) called 911 to provide information about Hockman’s case, yet Marsha Garst and Spitler met with her, took her statement, had her listed as a witness at Hockman’s trial but doesn’t hand over the statement to Hockman’s defense.  This witness is the only eye witness to an attack made by Dustin Stanley on Donna Hockman one week before his demise.  It’s also worth noting that she told Marsha Garst and Spitler that Stanley had raped her, she had become pregnant as a result with twins and had an abortion.  She stated “I have shed no tears for Dustin Stanley and am glad he’s gone.”

Theory/Fact of Document: With that kind of information damaging to Marsha Garst’s case against Hockman it’s no wonder she didn’t want Hockman’s defense to have Rebecca Cheryl’s (Sherrill) statement, as once again it would corroborate Hockman’s testimony.

911 Important Message July 29, 2008

The link below contains scanned images of news articles published about a case involving a man named Delano Fitz which also involved Marsha Garst.  The articles are about intimidation tactics used by Fitz in order to stop other inmates from testifying at trial.  Please read them to see what commonly occurs within the walls of prison and tactics used to keep truth from seeping out for those who need it the most.

Delano Fitz News Articles

Click images to view full size

And a simple Google search will constantly change as more complaints begin to surface:

Google Search of Complaints Against Marsha Garst


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  1. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman….

    SACK MARTHA GARST, let’s start a petition for a independent investigation into her and see how many worms come ​out the woodwork…
    SACK her…


  2. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman….

    Even the police lied as well and under oath…
    They should be made accountable if Donna Hockman case goes back to the appeal court….


  3. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman….

    They should put Martha Garst on the stand for all corruption she has caused and all the innocent people in prison she has sent down…
    Is she really a real lawyer, has she got the proper creditability to become one, send her to jail…


  4. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman….

    Dustin Stanley family warned her bout him abusing women he dated.
    Then after Donna was sent down, they celebrate in his honour, why?
    Must be a weird family to do that…


  5. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman….

    The Prosecution in Donna Hockman case had no case, they relied on false evidence and told lies in court…
    Fake evidence against a woman getting abused and beating and defending her kids in the process…
    Should off shot the cunt in the head, fucking woman beater, scum, let him rot in hell…


  6. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman…

    Dustin Stanley a paid ATF informant, goes to show that the Prosecution had to destroy evidence so the truth did not come out….
    How do u sleep at night Martha Garst.


  7. Darren Randall

    Free Donna Hockman….

    Wonder how much dirty money these Prosecution Lawyers get for a Unsafe Conviction in America, messing with evidence, blackmailing people even threatening them with jail…


  8. Darren Randall

    This Martha Garst is one corrupted official in the American justice system.
    I live in England and we have these people trying to get a conviction.
    Why wasn’t Donna Hockman evidence used, she has a Unsafe Conviction without a doubt.
    Sounds to me the Prosecution had no evidence whatsoever.
    I think you should write to the American President to ask him to open the case again.
    Free Donna Hockman….


  9. native son

    Corrupt is right not sure that it really covers everything though to nice of a word for her. Negligent abuse of power. Whatever she has to do to get a conviction and that’s it, no matter what, illegal search and seizure, tampering with evidence, tampering with witness’s, cohering witness’s, hiding evidence, manufacturing evidence, lying under oath, nothing for her and her goon squad to run out and with a military style raid break in a innocent person’s home in the middle of the night guns drawn with no search warrant and no more reason than some poor scared kids word to go on. They are preying on children to get there arrests, and no family around is safe either don’t think it can’t happen to you if given enough time it will most definitely happen to someone you love. Her and her goon squad should not only be removed from office but should be criminally charged with things that they do on a daily basis, you and I would. What would she call it “getting more criminals off the street”. But then again you and I can’t cover for a murderer let him move away get away Scott free but then in cases which are clearly self defense lie cheat and steal until we get a conviction, we can’t rig a electric and get away with it either. Not saying she would eat her own young but she has no problem devouring yours. I’m from there born and raised since I’ve lived all over the country never had a minutes problem anywhere except there I won’t even come back to visit family who I love and miss very much but I’m not risking my life to visit and in my opinion that’s terrorism!

  10. admin (Post author)

    well, it’s boud to come out sooner or later. lots of marsha garst complaints. shes’s corrupt and everyone will see soon enough.


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