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Judge issues injunction against the state over medical care at Fluvanna women’s prison; ruling references at least 4 inmate deaths there since 2016

Medical care in prison is not free!

  • $5 doctor, dental or eye doctor visit
  • $2 medication
  • $7 medical emergency

Women incarcerated at F.C.C.W. become severely ill or may succumb to death because they don’t receive a correct diagnosis, incorrect medication or long delays in treatment.  Many women who enter prison healthy leave with debilitating chronic illness or fatal diseases.

Prison food doesn’t provide the essential nutrients women need to stay healthy.  Our food consists of a lot of bread, overcooked vegetables, unripe or overripe fruit and “patties’ of unidentifiable meat.

Fact: Each prison receives a monthly stipend to purchase food and one prison grows their own fruits and vegetables.

Medical Care Class Action Lawsuit – November 2014 

The medical care was so inadequate that lives were being lost to non-caring medical staff.  Several women banded together and filed a class-action lawsuit and the details of that settlement are shown in the document below.

Medical Care Class Action Lawsuit – November 2014


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