My personal story makes me eligible to know the legitimacy of Donna’s position against corruption

Donna’s story and my story are horrifyingly similar, making Donna’s nightmare all that more real for me.  My late wife was married to two wife beaters before me, and the corruption of the government allowed the physical and emotional abuse to continue unabated.  The government, whether it is local or federal in Donna’s case, shows its ugly corruption with Donna and her children, and places the priority in the wrong place.  Donna should have never had to spend one day incarcerated, and I will leave no stoned unturned to fight for Donna until she is released.  I spent 9 years on active duty in the Air Force from 1968-77 and I witnessed federal corruption every day.  It is at all levels, and Donna was their pawn so they could get drug arrests, and ignore domestic violence.  But Donna was and is brave and filled with self preservation and she is a fighter.  And I will stand by her every moment until she gets her freedom.




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