Marsha Garst Complaints/Exhibits

This page illustrates multiple examples of public complaints and lawsuits filed against Marsha Garst.

State Bar complaint filed by Donna Hockman against Marsha Garst

Marsha Garst complaint   marsha garst complaint

This section illustrates alleged misconduct by Marsha Garst using public documents.

Read carefully below:

Hockman v. Wendy Hobbs & Marsha Garst

Randy Dean Complaint against Marsha Garst

Illegal Search by Marsha Garst at JMU Student Newspaper

More on the illegal raid and seizure of photographs from the JMU newspaper, “The Breeze”

Response by Marsha Garst regarding the articles above: 

It has been posted previously that Virginia state officials stormed the newsroom of James Madison University’s student newspaper, The Daily Breeze, and seized photos relating to a party-turned-melee. After much outrage and legal action, the state has agreed to pay the school’s legal fees, totaling $10,000. The Commonwealth’s attorney, Marsha Garst, admitted she was wrong in her approach but continues to do anything to obtain convictions which is highly illegal

Garst was ordered to pay $10,000 in damages to the JMU Breeze newspaper as a result of the illegal search and seizure

Forum of complaints against Marsha Garst

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Prosecutor Marsha Garst conflict of interest case leads to dismissal of felony

 Exhibit 121 – February 17, 2009 (One month after Hockman’s trial and conviction)

Explanation: Investigator Spitter questions inmate Smith if she lied on the stand.  Of course she lies yet again as she had already been released after testifying against Hockman.  Telling the truth would have locked her back up … Continue Reading

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