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Wrongful Conviction & Corruption: Life in Prison (Donna Hockman Story)

Virtually all of us have the capacity to act and immorally if not illegally at one point or another in our lives. We’d like to believe that if we ever get caught or feel compelled to confess, we’ll be judged not simply by what we’ve done but by why we did it and who we are. We want our acts to be judged in the context of our motivation and personal history, and a concept of a character that compromises more than our worst offenses. People do commit bad acts for good reasons, which means that guilt and especially sentence ought to be determined by considering the actor as well as the act. (Courtesy of George Lardner, Jr. father/author of “The Stalking of Kristen”)  Ending a man’s life isn’t easy to live with.  Remorse and guilt eat away at your soul while you’re awake and in your sleep.  I ask God for forgiveness each day.  My case is not as “open and shut” as the prosecuting attorney would like you to believe.  This is about a mom who feared for her life and the life of others, and ultimately took the life of the man who pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her son in her own home. I am not a murderer!  I don’t feel I should lose my life in a 10’x6’ cell because I saved the life of my son and my own. Being wrongfully convicted I feel the system is saying, “Ms. Hockman, you should have let Dustin Stanley kill you, then you and your son would not be apart, we could have punished him accordingly.”  The law says I have a right to protect myself and family members if I feel I am in a position to be maimed or killed.  I…
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