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Inmate dies at fluvanna prison after opening poor medical care federal case

An inmate from Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women has died, marking the third inmate death at the correctional center in just two months. Inmate Margie Ryder died Monday at VCU Medical Center after suffering from terminal pulmonary arterial hypertension, a condition she regulated with medication. Prior to her death, Ryder had an open case pending in federal court, citing problems with healthcare and medicine management at Fluvanna as a reason for filing an emergency motion to the courts in the Spring “We were devastated to learn about the death of Margie Ryder,” said Shannon Ellis with the Legal Aid Justice Center. Ellis said that Ryder’s death followed a year of emergency hospitalizations due to mismanagement of her medication. Two other women from the correctional center also died within the last two months. “Just the fact that within the last couple of months you’ve had three deaths and all of them have been women younger than 40, is extremely concerning,” said Ellis. Ellis said that she and her team are committed to fighting for better treatment within the correctional center. “These are our fellow citizens and when you have numerous young women, dying at the custody of the state in a short period of time, I think everyone should be asking why that’s happening,” said Ellis. Virginia Department of Corrections tells CBS 6 that they cannot release the medical information of inmates but did provide some information surrounding the deaths of Ryder and Ashely Carr, who died at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women on July 1. “Margie Ryder, offender #1936746, had been at VCU Health since 6/24 and died there the evening of 7/8. As is public knowledge following her lawsuit, she had a terminal illness. Ashley Carr, offender #1473101, died at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women on July 1. The…
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Horrible conditions

well i dont know where to start, i know my daughter is dealing with horrible conditions. to start they are fed beans and rotten outdated food constantly while the guards eat like kings off of the fluvanna food. i know that they go thru wardens like crazy and that also applies to the guards, as well. being feed outdated food is absolutely absurd. When i call the to speak to someone in charge i have to leave a message and never get a call back. i also know they recently painted the cells not too long ago and made the inmates sleep in the cells that very same night. many of whom became sick because of the fumes. if i had a scanner id post the letters ive received. bottom line these inmates are being treated terribly, fed terribly and im praying something changes. im praying they get a warden who cares about the inmates and how they are living. i hope this website and this page especially gets enough supporters to get the governor or DOC itself involved. it’s just terrible and i pray each night that things get better but my prayers don’t seem to help. i hope more people post verifying what im posting here. something needs to be done because they dont deserve this sort of treatment. And thank you for allowing those of us a place to post the truth. Email

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