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Letter To Supporters From Donna

Dear friends and supporters, Your letters of encouragement are always welcome! If you wish to post a letter of support, simply register and make a comment on my posts, post on my Facebook, or simply email freedonnahockman@gmail.com and we will post it promptly. I need my friends and family to write on my site to show my true personality and I want honest truthful testimonials of who I am/was. The only thing to look forward to is email and U.S. mail. At mail call I love hearing my name. I don’t feel so alone and reading your letters are therapeutic. My website is not meant to inflame friends and family of Dustin Stanley. My only goal is to allow the public to see the lies that convicted me and let the world know who Donna Hockman really is. During my relationship with Dustin Stanley, before and during my trial I was silenced and I will remain silent no more! No matter what I have to do to prove the corruption surrounding my conviction I will continue to fight for my freedom. To those of you who read the stories of those arrested and convicted of crimes and say “they got what they deserved”, please know your only being told the version the prosecutor wants you to know. The prosecutor wants to sway public opinion so the jury pool will be tainted and ensure a conviction. Justice can only be served when the truth is told! I look forward to reading your letters and emails. Keep them coming! If you wish to write a personal letter to me, email me or refer to Contact Me on how to do so. Love, Donna

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