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Wrongful Conviction, Not Innocence

Corrupt Prosecutor, Public Attorney, Judge, & Local Media. Jailhouse inmates commit perjury for release. ( To coverup facts that led to death of Paid Confidential Informant) In 2009 Donna Hockman was wrongfully convicted in the death of her ex-boyfriend and received a life sentence in the state of Virginia. Altered,non-tested, and fabricated evidence as well as false testimony from Stanley’s family and inmates incarcerated with Donna were used to convict her. Soon after her sentencing, every inmate who testified against Donna was released from Rockingham County Jail with their charges dismissed or with simple probation. WRONGFUL CONVICTION NOT INNOCENCE Donna wanted to make all of you aware that she is not claiming to be innocent, but wrongfully convicted and wanted to educate her supporters of the differences.  Explanation of innocence versus wrongfully convicted involves not being present when the offense took place and DNA would be missing from the scene of the crime.  Example: A bank was robbed and you were out of state when the robbery took place and the camera footage along with none of your DNA being there proves your innocence. A wrongful conviction is classified as when (1) the person convicted is factually innocent of the charge, or (2) there were procedural errors that violated the convicted person’s rights. Most that are wrongfully convicted know they have been wronged and actively pursue exoneration. Most of those wrongfully convicted have typically had evidence withheld, fabricated, not tested and tainted against them along with the use of jail house snitches all perpetuated by the prosecutor, known as prosecution misconduct. These are clear violations of the Constitution and a deprivation of a defendant’s due process rights. Donna killed Dustin Stanley after dealing with months of physical and mental abuse. She filed restraining orders and trespassing charges against Dustin but…
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